Bed-Wear Textiles Posts 3.16% Export Growth

As per the official data, Pakistan’s bed-wear textiles posted 3.16% export growth to $1.197 billion during July-Dec 2019-20. Pakistan Bureau of statics revealed that increase in home textiles export stands at $36.703 million in July-Dec 2019-20 from $1.161 billion in July-Dec 2018-19.

In term of quantity, the country’s bed-wear textiles export grew by 12% or 25215 metric tons to 240,939 metric tons in July-Dec 2019-20 from 215,724 metric tons in July-Dec 2018-19. In Dec 2019, Pakistan exported bed-wear textiles less by 5% or $8.716 million to $184.379 million from $193.095 million in Dec 2018. Export volume of home textiles reduced to 35,232 metric tons in Dec 2019 from 34,764 metric tons in Dec 2018, depicting a fall of 1.35% or 468 metric tons.

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